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About Design Dissolve

Design Dissolve grew out of the vision of an ideal education as an alchemical vessel for transformation, a catalyst for imagination and inspiration, and a container for the polarities and complexities within and without.

Our learning communities form a location without a circumference, where the deep desire to learn and to transform brings them into a unity, and where we experience the enchantment of learning and revive a sense of wonder and meaning.

In our courses we form a new matrix of knowledge by transcending the boundaries between disciplines and dissolving the barriers to discovering the essential reality that lurks and lingers in plain sight.

For us, knowledge and insight are ends in themselves, independent of outer-world valuations, career opportunities, and immediate utilities, as we believe the path to the outer transformation always begins from the within.

Our Team

Meet the people behind Design Dissolve:

Our Partners

Interconnections are also valid when running a business, and together we go further. Meet the partners who are part of Design Dissolve:

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