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Advanced Program in Transformation Design

Transdisciplinary Insight for Transformative Impact

The Transformation Design program rests upon the premise that transformations in the outer-world are reflections and extensions of our inner-transformation; as within, so without.

Our program focuses on three layers of transformation:
Thinking Function: our ability to observe, interpret, assess and act upon reality
The Conscious Mind: Cognition through Thinking, Feeling, Intuition and Sensation
The Psyche: The dynamic interplay between the Conscious and the Unconscious Mind

By the end of this program, you will be able to:
Utilize and combine various approaches to Thinking  in a harmonious and seamless way
Develop and engage the four functions of our cognition in a balanced and coherent way
Access and integrate the intelligence of unconscious mind in a creative and holistic way

Systems Thinking Courses

Observing, assessing and interpreting reality in a holistic way

The systems thinking courses are designed to help you develop the capacity to continuously reflect on and refine the way you observe, assess, and interpret reality. The courses will guide to seamlessly combine opposing modes of thinking, such as lateral versus vertical thinking, pattern versus analytical thinking, and qualitative versus quantitative thinking, in practical settings.


The path towards the transformation of the thinking function begins by acknowledging the existence of opposing modes of thinking instead of identifying with one side of the duality. Going back and forth and holding the tension between the opposing modes of thinking will create a mode of thinking that transcends and combines the opposites in a harmonious and seamless way.


Tension of opposites


Cognitive Resonance Courses

Engaging and balancing our four cognitive functions 

To perceive and assess our experiences and to respond to life circumstances in a comprehensive way, we need to engage modes of cognition beyond our Thinking function, i.e., the Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition. The Cognitive Resonance courses are designed to help you increase awareness of your cognitive strengths and limitations and to develop insights into the psychological structures that shape the motivations and actions of you and your stakeholders.

The path towards cognitive transformation begins by moving away from the one-sidedness of our dominant cognitive functions and coming into contact with our non-dominant cognitive functions. Next step is to engage and develop our non-dominant cognitive functions and identify their merits and complementarities. This attitude over time takes us towards a mode of cognition that applies the four cognitive functions in a coherent and balanced way.

Dominance of one cognitive function

Engaging the non-dominant functions

A balanced and coherent cognition

Towards Inner Resonance

A Lens to See Ourselves Otherwise

Creative Imagination Courses

Accessing and integrating the intelligence of the unconscious mind

Our psyche is composed of conscious cognition and unconscious processes. Our unconscious mind is the source of creativity and visionary ideas which can't be accessed through our conscious mind. The Creative Imagination courses are designed to help you access the creative potential of your psyche through channeling and integrating the intelligence of unconscious contents and processes.


The path to the transformation of your psyche begins when our conscious mind relinquishes its assumed position as the center of the psyche and orbits around an inner-self that guides and creates a strong impulse toward personal meaning. Living in relation to that inner reality and integrating its energy and guidance results in the formation of uniqueness and creativity within the personality structure.

Identification with the conscious mind

Recognition of a center beyond conscious cognition

Integrating the intelligence of the unconscious mind

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