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Exploring Outer-Resonance

Psychology of Design, Design Teams and Users

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6 Interactive Weekly
Online Sessions
Live Classes
Maximum 16 Participants per Cohort


This module applies the knowledge base we developed in the "Towards Inner-resonance" module to the outer-world.  More specifically, we will investigate the dynamic interplay between the designer, design idea, design team, and design stakeholders through the psychological lens. We believe the resonance between the designer and nature of design work can generate harmony and maximize the transformational impact of design. To this end, we characterize and define design projects and ideas in terms of their psychological requirements.

Next, we will introduce a practical approach to configuring optimal design teams. This novel approach helps us maximize diversity and collaboration and minimize tension and friction between the members within a design team. Finally, we will explore how the knowledge of psychological types can help us build more empathy and understand the perspectives and worldview of our users or stakeholders and get to know the person beyond the superficial mask of the Persona.


If you would like to...

  • explore the fit between the design initiatives and your psychological gifts as a designer,

  • develop insight into how your design creates resonances and dissonances with users,

  • understand of the multiple perspectives from which a design can be perceived and appreciated,

  • effectively configure design teams in a way that the psychological dispositions and nuances are optimally balanced and diverse within the team,

  • resolve tensions effectively and improve your team’s collaboration potential,

...then this course is for you.


Optimal Design Teams

Maximizing collaboration and diversity, minimizing conflict and tension.

Typology of Design

Result-oriented, Empathy-Oriented, Insight-Oriented and Ideals Oriented.

Typology of Designers

Warriors, Empaths, Lovers and Magicians.

Perception / Assessment Matrix

Identifying the eight forms of user perception and appreciation.

From Technology to Behavior

Mapping objective specifications to subjective and emotional user impressions.


"This course uses psychology to connect all the dots from the designer to the design teams, the design project and the users."
"If you want to head down the rabbit whole toward better understanding of yourself as a designer, this course is a great place to start."
"A great course for reflection and understanding how your own disposition shapes how you interact with the world. I also would recommend this course for someone in a team or project leadership role who needs to understand how the strengths of their team members contribute to success."
"This course was a great help for me to even better understand team dynamics. and derive actionable insights for my professional work."

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