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Imaginational Intelligence

Thinking with the Heart

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6 Interactive Weekly
Online Sessions
Live Classes
Maximum 16 Participants per Cohort


To imagine is to bring the invisible into visibility. Imagination is thought of the heart. Our heart speaks in images and if we are to understand the language of the heart we too should speak imaginatively. Imagination is a source of intelligence that perceives the subtleties of  the relationship between our mind and the world and expresses and contains this intelligence in form of images.

Having access to this intelligence enhances our intuitive perception and enables us to see meaningful similarities across "seemingly" different phenomena. This new way of seeing helps you access a new inner-dimension through which you can observe and communicate not in information or data but in art.

To this end, this module equips you with techniques and exercises that activate this imaginal dimension. We will explore examples and ideas across various disciplines such as architecture, design, philosophy, phenomenology, art, and psychoanalysis.


If you would like to...

  • communicate in an artful and effective way,

  • gain a strong impulse toward personal meaning and creativity,

  • have access to a new sources of creative ideas,

  • learn to engage the metaphoric and analogical thought,

  • find inspiration across disciplines for your projects,

  • engage in daily creative writing and expressive art exercises,

...then this course is for you.


Patterns that Connect

Experimenting with metaphors, analogies and similies.


Doorways to a new reason and logic.

Approaching the Imaginal

Images, personification and fantasies.


Primordial and universal forms.


Heuristic principles for designing emergent behavior.


"It exceeds expectation how much we cross disciplines and take knowledge from multiple courses. Really enjoy the course readings."
"The ideas we are discussing seem deeper than the useual courses that focus on methods ... we are really grappling with the bigger, deeper questions."
"This course makes thinking accessible and practical, and yet wondrous and engaging."
"An eye-opening, a course that gave me even more confidence in nurturing my interest in cross-competence knowledge."
"This course challenges you to think about your thinking and shows you many parallels with other disciplines that feed in every task you do as designer."
"An incredible journey towards a refreshing and unexpected way of approaching learning."

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