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Introduction to Complexity Language

Qualitative Systems Mapping Techniques

Next Courses Start on 13th September 2022

6 Interactive Weekly
Online Sessions
Live Classes
Maximum 16 Participants per Cohort


A language has a powerful impact on the way we perceive and act upon reality. It equips us not only with different words, but also with new ways to relate to the phenomena around and within us.

This module provides you with a precise visual language to map cause-effect relationships and form a big picture view of interdependencies, contextual and temporal factors in complex problematic situations.​ By complex problematic situations, we mean situations in which cause and effects are intertwined the implications of decisions are uncertain, and policy interventions are distorted and delayed.

Learning this visual language helps you describe, examine, and structure such complex situations  in a new way, identify potential unintended consequences of your decisions, develop awareness of the sources of policy resistance, and ultimately enables you to make informed choices.


If you would like to...

Re-iterate examine design problems in novel and though provoking ways

• Capture and make explicit, refine and improve the mental models and perceptions of complex problems,

• Move beyond an event- or data-oriented approach to problem solving and surface systemic structures that generate patterns of behavior

• Improve quality of organizational dialogue and facilitate shared understanding and consensus amongst participants within your team,

• Learn in and about complexity...

...then this course is for you.


On Complexity

Dynamic versus detailed, systematic versus systemic, and symptomatic versus fundamental solutions

Systems Archetypes

Limits to growth, shifting the burden, fixes that fail


Behavior Graphs

Historical dynamics, anticipated dynamics and preferred dynamics

System Variables

Endogenous, Exogenous and Excluded variables

Feedback Loops

Reinforcing (growth and decay) and balancing (goal seeking)


"Excellent lectures, nice people to learn with. Many exercises with a variety to choose from is nice. Lots of good readings are also available."
"A new way to unpack problems and develop solution systems, thinking about how to think about relations."
“Exactly what I was looking for - Arash walks you through the practical application of systems thinking concepts with real examples. Easily one of the best short-form courses that I've taken.”
“This course allows you to take deep dive into problematic situations and return to them with a fresh perspective and new ways of thinking.”
"Fascinating content, deeper level of thinking, very in depth learning!"
“These concepts prime you for transformative thinking. Arash's frameworks and insights into diving deep into context are uniquely inspiring to focusing on what matters. Highly recommend”

Book Seat

Introduction to Complexity Language

6 Weekly Sessions | 18:00 - 20:00 CET

Starting on Tuesday 20th September 2022

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