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Towards Inner-Resonance

A Lens to See Ourselves Otherwise

Next Courses Start on 14th Septermber 2022

6 Interactive Weekly
Online Sessions
Live Classes
Maximum 16 Participants per Cohort


Cognition is defined as the use of conscious mental processes to acquire knowledge and understanding. Our decisions and actions depend on our cognitive capacity and maturity. Thinking is one of the four cognitive functions. To access the full potential of our cognition we need to come into contact with and tap into our the potential of Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition functions as well. This way we can employ a mode of cognition that is balanced, more comprehensive and therefore insightful.

In this module, we will draw on the works of C.G. Jung, to explore and characterize our four functions of cognition in a rigorous way. We will use a state of the art methodology to accurately measure our cognitive orientation and identify our psychological disposition. The measurement results help us gain insight into our psychological strengths and weaknesses and uncover the sources of our fascinations and frustration in life. This self-awareness will bring light to the reason behind our experiences of resonance and dissonance in the inner and outer encounters in our personal and professional life.


If you would like to...

  • gain profound insights into your psychological disposition,

  • increase your capacity for self-reflection in a rigorous way,

  • contact invisible forces that drive your thoughts, feelings and behaviors,

  • become more aware of your strengths and limitations,

  • understand and use key psychological concepts in a practical way,

...then this course is for you.


The Architecture of the Psyche

Persona, Ego, Shadow, Anima and Animus.

The Extraverted Types

Extraverted Sensation, Extraverted Intuition, Extraverted Thinking and Extraverted Feeling.


Integration of Opposites, Personal Transformation, and Inner Resonance.

The Introverted Types

Introverted Sensation, Introverted Intuition, Introverted Thinking and Introverted Feeling.

Psychological Orientations

Introversion, Extraversion, Inner and Outer objects.


You cannot faithfully practice human centred design, unless you understand the human psyche, not only behaviours, not simply cognitive bias, but the unconscious of the real human
Building a deeper understanding and a more intimate relationship with oneself is an often overlooked component of becoming a better and more whole designer. This course took me on a deeply introspective journey that not only will help me become a better designer but also a better person.
You know you have grown through a course if initially you are uncomfortable with it, but at one point you can no longer deny its validity. Designing for Resonance is like that.
A great course for reflection and understanding how your own psychological disposition shapes how you interact with the world.
Great course to discover the impact of [psychological] orientations to design thinking and beyond.

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Towards Inner Resonance

6 Weekly Sessions | 18:00 - 20:00 CET

Starting on Wednesday 5th October 2022

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