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Dissolving Barriers to Designing Transformations

Advanced Program in Transformation Design

Transdisciplinary Insight for Transformative Impact

Passing over (trans-) from one form (forma) to another requires the capacity to transcends paradigms and cross the boundaries between disciplines. In our program, we draw upon transdisciplinary insight from Complexity Science and System Dynamics, Philosophy and Phenomenology, Cognitive and Depth Psychology, Poetry and Expressive Arts, and Mythology and Alchemy.

Systems Thinking Courses

Developing our thinking function to assess and interpreting reality in a holistic and rigorous way.

Cognitive Psychology Courses

Engaging the four cognitive functions to balance Thinking, Feeling, Sensation and Intuition.

Creative Imagination Courses

Accessing the unconscious contents and processes to create a conduit for creativity and imagination.

In Design Dissolve courses we explore the forces that led to the emergence of today's world in its current form, and thinking about how to harness those forces to build a better world. Really, it's that big, that powerful.

Jeffrey Allen

Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom

Learn with Diversity

6 Continents
24 Countries

Our course participants come from all over the world. We normally have people who dial in at the very first moments of the dawn and the last hours of the day in the same cohorts. This diversity contributes the uniqueness of the collective learning experience.

Design Dissolve | Trans-Disciplinary Training Courses for Transformative Insight

Expand Your Network

Learners From All Walks of Life

Our community members are wonderfully varied: service designers, sustainability experts, therapists, coaches, systems engineers, operations managers. Our drive for learning and transformation binds us together into a unique unity.

Join our learning communities
on the journey toward transformation.
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